Awards and Recognition


The Social Innovation in Health Initiative is a joint collaboration between the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town, the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University and TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, hosted at the World Health Organization in Geneva. The Initiative broadens our understanding of  innovation in healthcare delivery by identifying, learning from and supporting high-impact solutions that improve healthcare delivery across Africa, Asia and Latin America. OFH was recently identified as one of SIHI’s 25 case studies, a distinction awarded to organizations that offer a “high-impact solution that the broader health and innovation community could learn a great deal from.” SIHI will visit OFH clinics to learn best practices that can be applied in other healthcare contexts. Learn about our work with SIHI here.

Founded in 2011 by the World Economic Forum, McKinsey & Company, and Duke University, Innovations in Healthcare (formerly IPIHD) is an impact driven organization dedicated to increasing access to cost-effective and high-quality healthcare around the world. IIH supports a diverse and global network of healthcare innovators, industry leaders, funders, and governments and works directly with organizations bringing to market transformative innovations that increase access to affordable high-quality care. OneFamilyHealth is among IIH’s original class of innovators and is featured in its case studies.

One Family Health (OFH) is honored to be featured in a new WHO publication Social Innovation in Health: Cases and Lessons Learned from LMICs. The piece, published by Social Innovation in Health Initiative, describes how leading social enterprises are changing how the world approaches complex health challenges in low-resource settings. It discusses the enabling factors for success and areas that require further study to advance the role social innovation in improving and strengthening health systems. You can find the full OFH case study here.

In The News


The Center for Health market Innovations (CHMI) promotes programs, policies and practices that expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for the world’s most vulnerable populations. CHMI utilizes a three pronged approach that identifies innovative programs and policies, analyzes scalable and/or adaptable best practices and connects practitioners, funders and researches in order to “translate good practices and encourage innovative programs to scale.” In June of 2015, OneFamilyHealth was profiled on the organization’s website.