Where We Work

CURRENT OPERATIONS: RWANDAone-family-health_1438487130829_block_6

OneFamilyHealth began operations in Rwanda in late 2011. Since then, OFH has grown into a dynamic network of more than 90 Health Posts across 11 districts in Rwanda. In consultation with the Rwandan Ministry of Health, OFH set a target to open 500 clinics across Rwanda, targeting communities with the most limited access to healthcare.


Beyond Rwanda, OFH is currently in various stages of planning for expansion in Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia.

OneFamilyHealth has an ambitious long-term vision to expand access to healthcare across the African continent. OFH’s initial priority list includes 11 countries, where OFH could make affordable, quality care accessible to more than 20 million people for less than $2 per capita.


In most developing countries, health insurance is available to a very small portion of the population. As OFH evaluates expansion into new geographies that don’t have national health insurance plans, OFH has developed a strategy to establish provider-driven, subsidised micro-health insurance products in countries lacking national health plans. This would enable more people to afford high quality care from OFH clinics while ensuring long-term financial sustainability.