In developing countries, poor access to healthcare remains a public health crisis, leading to unnecessary illness and even death. OneFamilyHealth offers a sustainable solution to this issue and helps underserved communities build health as an asset.

OFH’s mission is aligned with the findings of WHO’s “African Regional Health Report”, which cites Africa’s major public health challenge as “building and reinforcing health systems capable of delivering essential health care to the population. Several key elements are required for health systems to function properly: adequate numbers of skilled health workers, basic infrastructure and equipment and essential medicines and supplies”.

Using a franchised clinic model, OFH improves access to essential medicines and basic healthcare services in isolated communities. Owned and operated by skilled nurses and supported by services from the franchisor, OFH clinics deliver high-quality care to treat and prevent the most common causes of community illness such as respiratory infections and parasites. OFH’s partnership with the Ministry of Health and participation in the national health insurance program ensures the affordability of care for the poorest communities.